Hi we are Andrea and Leo . We come from the country , that we know all about empanadas.  Argentina not only is the gate to  the Antarctic , it is the country of the Malbec wines , steak, football the real one , the pope’s homeland , and we got the largest European immigration after WW2. All this was combined in a pot , that turned into the our nation , and there we were born into a country full of flavors , passions ,fright and immigrant blood to top it off .
We often get asked why did you leave everything and came here ? The answer is simple , we wanted a better future for our daughter . You might ask also why doesn’t Argentina have that future for her ? I could go on forever , but the short answer is it can take up to 50 years to fix a country like that , that’s a short period of time for a country, but that can be a lifetime for a person .

Thank for being part of our dream.
Andrea & Leo Tartufoli.

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